5 strikers Arsenal need to sign if they want to finally win the Premier League

Arsenal need to be aggressive on the transfer market if they want to guarantee a Premier League title over Manchester City.

Napoli, Victor Osimhen
Napoli, Victor Osimhen / Francesco Pecoraro/GettyImages
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1. Dušan Vlahović, Juventus

Despite being mistreated and stuffed on the bench by Max Allegri at one point during the 2022/23 season, star striker Dušan Vlahović has remained faithful to Juventus. He's even rebounded to start the season, scoring four goals in five starts before suffering another injury.

With Vlahović, the concerns are two-fold and have nothing to do with his talent. The first - and most important - is that Vlahović seems to be prone to injury because of how relentless he plays in order to push his team to win. Secondly, it's unclear if he wants to leave Juventus, because he seems to have a personal ambition of succeeding at the club, proving doubters in Italy wrong, and restoring the country's biggest club to its former glory amidst a tumultuous time on and off the pitch.

But because Juve aren't playing European football this season, have financial mismanagement issues haunting them, and still have unresolved scandals, Vlahović's future still isn't certain. Already linked to Arsenal last winter, Vlahović could become a hot topic for the Gunners again in 2024, especially if Gabriel Jesus and Nketiah don't start scoring more goals.

Before joining Juventus, Vlahović was right there with Erling Haaland as one of the most impressive young goal-scoring No. 9's on the planet with 17 goals in 21 matches for another prestigious Italian side in Fiorentina. Vlahović has been excellent when on the pitch for Juve despite facing unfair criticism, and his all-around work is undervalued, even as his reputation is for delightful technical finishing. He, like Victor Osimhen, clearly has the quality to start every game for Arsenal, but the question will be, is the cost worth any potential injury or even consistency issues? If the price is right and the Premier League push urgent, watch for Vlahović in the winter, pending Juve's own situation.

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