5 strongest No. 1 pick candidates in 2024 NBA Draft class entering season

The college basketball season is underway. The international prospects are already in action. Let's break down the 2024 NBA Draft prospects with the best odds of going No. 1 overall next June.

Matas Buzelis, Ron Holland, Alex Sarr
Matas Buzelis, Ron Holland, Alex Sarr / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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2. Ron Holland, G-League Ignite

Ron Holland is generating a ton of buzz right now. He's probably the No. 1 favorite on the G-League Ignite team, even with Buzelis, Izan Almansa, and other top prospects vying for the shared spotlight. A 6-foot-8 slasher with a serious mean streak on defense, Holland should keep NBA teams intrigued all season with his two-way versatility.

The Texas native has looked great in the Ignite's opening stretch of games. He's a potentially dominant driver, blessed with a bursty first step, the ability to climb vertically at the rim, and a nice collection of finishing moves. He also makes some impressive reads on the move, which should really hook talent evaluators in search of upside. Holland has the potential to regularly collapse the defense and create advantageous situations out of it, both for himself and for teammates.

Holland has looked good from 3-point range in the Ignite's early stages. His touch around the basket is another promising sign of future growth potential. If he can unlock his perimeter jumper in full, the impact of his slashing will increase. Holland also loves to run. He's well positioned to do so with Buzelis and the Ignite's young, athletic group. A transition-oriented NBA team could be particularly drawn to Holland.

What separates Holland from others on this list is defense. He's a fiery presence at the point of attack, but perhaps more special is the ground he covers. Holland has developed a knack for breaking up transition opportunities with his speed and his 6-foot-11 wingspan. He will rotate crisply in the halfcourt, even nabbing the occasional weak-side block. He's a regular in passing lanes.