5 teams that should end Stefon Diggs' tumultuous tenure in Buffalo

Stefon Diggs is tweeting weird stuff again, so it's time to fire up the trade machine.

Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills
Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills / Rich Storry/GettyImages
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2. Chargers can land Justin Herbert the WR1 he desperately needs

The Los Angeles Chargers traded Keenan Allen to the Chicago Bears and let Mike Williams walk. So, the question is, who will Justin Herbert throw to next season? There's a lot of natural excitement about the arrival of Jim Harbaugh, but until LA adds talent to the roster, it's hard to imagine the team meaningfully improving upon last season's mediocrity.

Los Angeles began the offseason in cap hell, which spurred the Allen trade and left the front office in its present bind. That complicates a potential Diggs trade, but at some point, it's irresponsible to enter next season with a WR room headlined by Quentin Johnston and Josh Palmer. The Chargers desperately need that one cheat-code WR to open up the offense and develop a lasting relationship with Herbert. Diggs fits the bill.

There is no doubt that Los Angeles is aiming to compete next season. Diggs would get to move from the snowy enclaves of Buffalo to sunny beachside property in Hollywood. He would join another elite QB in Herbert, who has always kept his wideouts well fed. How Harbaugh and the Michigan scheme translate to the NFL is unclear — we know Greg Roman wants to run the ball more — but the Chargers are going to air it out plenty, especially if Diggs is on the roster.

Hiring the offseason's most sought-after coach is one thing. Actually providing him with a roster that is prepared to compete is another matter entirely. The Chargers are falling behind the pack in free agency. It's past time to shift the balance of power with a splashy trade like this.