5 worst players to ever win Super Bowl MVP

Some of the greatest players to ever play the game of football have won the Super Bowl MVP. Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, and Patrick Mahomes among them. However, some of those players aren't going to end up in NFL lore.

Super Bowl XXXIX
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4. Ottis Anderson, Super Bowl 25

Ottis Anderson will absolutely stand out when it comes to the running backs who won Super Bowl MVP. This was the infamous "wide right" Super Bowl that is engrained in the minds of any Buffalo Bills fan over the age of 40. What falls under the radar is Thurman Thomas, a superstar at the time, would have won the MVP if Scott Norwood didn't miss that field goal.

Anderson was a good enough running back himself. He was a two-time Pro Bowler and even a first-team All-Pro running back in 1979. However, he seemed to fall off pretty quickly after his 100-yard performance in the biggest game of his career.

Anderson was really good for years with the St. Louis Rams. He broke 1,000 yards five times before joining the New York Giants. His career didn't really hit the heights in the Big Apple (which was actually New Jersey). His stats are kind of head scratching. He had more seasons under 100 yards than he did over 1,000 with Big Blue.

Anderson is a good player. He had his moments in St. Louis. He's on this list because of how strange his time with the Giants was. After the Super Bowl, he had two more seasons before he called it quits. In those seasons, he had 141 yards rushing and 31 yards rushing. He was replaced by Rodney Hampton, and his career was basically over. He had this one final game at the end that reminded us of times before. As they say, he was able to turn back the clock.