6 Chiefs who won't make the final roster after Marquise Brown signing, 2 who will

Marquise Brown projects as an addition that fills a hole the Kansas City Chiefs have been trying to fix since Tyreek Hill left.

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Noah Gray is still in

Looking at cuts the Chiefs can make to the roster, tight end Noah Gray sticks out as a possible opportunistic one since they can axe him for a minimal dead cap hit while saving a little over $3 million, even if they do it after the June 1 mark.

One might also look at the recent signings of tight end Irv Smith Jr. and Marquise Brown and wonder if that suggests anything in particular about Gray. While wide receivers will be most impacted by the Brown addition, tight ends get plenty of targets in the Chiefs system as well, and the starting job is locked in with Travis Kelce.

Likely little to no fear for Gray. He's performed well, used more as a blocker than a receiver, and if the Chiefs really have to look to the TE room to make cuts, it's probably Smith who gets the axe. He's proven less in recent years.

Both Smith and Gray are on contract years and have plenty to prove, so all the more reason to keep both of them around since they should be highly motivated.

Jacob Copeland may make the final cut

Of all of the reserve/future contracts the Chiefs have on the roster in the receiving room, the one I have the best feeling about making the final roster is Jacob Copeland. Copeland is really young still, so I think there's time for maturation and skill development, and he fits right into that speedy profile Mahomes could air it out to.

Yes, the Chiefs have a guy in Brown who will be the No. 1 speed target here on out, but if the Chiefs do make predictable moves to part ways with fliers like Ross and Toney, I think Copeland could make a final fringe spot of the roster.

The season is long, and receivers have some of the most sporadic availability, so Copeland could fill in there.

Of the rest of the reserve/future contracts, Montrell Washington mentioned earlier might be the next best to possibly take a flier spot if he can prove his ball security issues are behind him. He was a fifth-round draft pick and is as young as Copeland and equally speedy, so there's reason to think both could be a diamond-in-the-rough type.

The rest? Sad to say, but it's hard to see them getting to the 53-man day.


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