6 easy Jordan Love replacements for Packers after Brian Gutekunst's comments

Jordan Love may be under contract for next season, but he is not it for the Green Bay Packers.
Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers
Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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While there have been moments in which Jordan Love has played well for the Green Bay Packers under center, it is becoming increasingly clear that they need to look at investing in a new quarterback here soon. Whether that is via trade, through free agency or in the upcoming NFL Draft, the Packers have some options. As for if Brian Gutekunst will be calling the shots remains to be seen.

The much-maligned Packers general manager met with the media in the Packers' annual mid-season progress report press conference. Keep in mind that the Packers are a publicly traded company after all. Gutekunst did say good things about Love, but much of his future in Green Bay will be hinging on what he does in these next 10 games. Through their first seven, the Packers are an atrocious 2-5...

From Rob Demovsky's report for ESPN, we should know by the end of year if Love is the guy or not.

"I hope not. I think we've got 10 games left. These are going to be very important 10 games."

Gutekunst did say positive things about Love, but keep in mind that he drafted this guy in 2020.

"I think he's done a lot of really good things. Really like the way he's responded to the adversity, how he's led the team. Again, we've got to be better as a unit, and I expect that to happen over the next 10 games. And I think that we're going through some things that we knew we would go through. We haven't had the results that we want, but I do like the way guys are responding to things."

It feels like Gutekunst is trying to save face after making a horrible decision with Aaron Rodgers.

Regardless of if Love or Gutekunst are with the Packers beyond 2023, here are six fine replacements.

Jordan Love replacements: 6 quarterbacks Green Bay Packers can target

6. Sign Kirk Cousins in free agency as a high-end, stop-gap quarterback

With Kirk Cousins' Minnesota Vikings career probably coming to an end, the Packers could swoop in and do the reverse Brett Favre to spoil a bitter rival's seasons for years to come. Cousins may have torn his Achilles tendon on an expiring contract, but he is a far better quarterback than Love, possibly even on one good leg. To me, I think he has a few more good years left, but just not with the Vikings.

If left up to his own devises, Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell will want Cousins back in Minnesota uniform next year. This is because he wants a top-12 quarterback under center to help save his job, while general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah tries to blow this thing up like a kid at a science fair. With inconsistencies coming out of the Minnesota brass, I think the Packers could take advantage of this.

Of the handful of quality quarterbacks hitting free agency next year, Cousins is among the very best.