6 easy Jordan Love replacements for Packers after Brian Gutekunst's comments

Jordan Love may be under contract for next season, but he is not it for the Green Bay Packers.

Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers
Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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2. Draft Drake Maye out of North Carolina to get the next Aaron Rodgers

This is the one player I think Packers fans will grow to love the most. Drake Maye may not be a perfect player, but he could be perfect for the Packers. Because of the North Carolina ties, I have my doubts that highly dysfunctional Chicago will draft him ahead of Green Bay because of their failed Mitchell Trubisky experiment. Fortunately for the Packers, Maye projects to be like the next Aaron Rodgers.

I have said that Maye has long been a top-five lock in the 2024 NFL Draft. That should still be the case, but UNC's regression of late in the ACC and other quarterbacks playing better than Maye could knock him down a peg. Regardless, this is the quarterback the Packers should prioritize drafting here because otherwise, he is going to either the Bears, Raiders or Patriots. Y'all don't want that to happen.

Even if Maye where to somehow make it past No. 5, stop what you are doing to go up and get him.

1. Draft J.J. McCarthy out of Michigan to own the Bears for next decade

Right now, my QB3 in the 2024 NFL Draft is without question, J.J. McCarthy out of Michigan. Sign-stealing, burgers, whatever. This guy is the real deal. A blue-chipper coming out of high school, he has flourished playing high-stakes games in the Midwest for years now. Furthermore, he is a candidate to potentially stick with his head coach Jim Harbaugh if he were to leave the Wolverines for an NFL gig.

So with the Bears and Raiders being two places that need a new head coach, Harbaugh is an ideal fit at either spot, outside of having played in Chicago and coached in Oakland previously. Simply put, McCarthy is a guy who could make life hell for Packers fans if he is the savior the Bears franchise has been looking for since Sid Luckman retired. Well, what if Green Bay found a guy who could own them?

Of the four draft-eligible quarterbacks I have listed, McCarthy has the least amount of bust potential.

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