6 long-time Chiefs who just missed out on the Super Bowl years

Sometimes, the hard work of some results in others enjoying the rewards. The Kansas City Chiefs have several former stars who helped build a team but just missed out on the Super Bowl run.

Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry
Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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2. Justin Houston, DE/OLB (2011-18)

Justin Houston was a pass-rushing beast early in his career. After his rookie season in 2011, he had a stretch of three seasons where accumulated 43 sacks, including a league-leading, and almost record-setting 22 in 2014.

After that season, he was slowed down by injuries here and there, missing numerous games in three of the next four seasons. In his eight-year career in KC, he was named to four Pro Bowls and was a first-team All-Pro once.

Houston was a Dee Ford lean away from making a Super Bowl in 2018. Late in the AFC Championship., the Chiefs led by seven in the final minute. The Chiefs intercepted Tom Brady to ice the game, but Ford lined up in the neutral zone to negate the turnover. Brady did what Brady always did, and capitalized by scoring a touchdown in the waning seconds. The Patriots won the overtime coin flip and Mahomes never saw the ball. Brady marched his team down the field to the Super Bowl.

Houston and Hali made a formidable pass-rushing duo for several years. Like the others on this list, he missed his chance at a Super Bowl. He still played some in 2023, but as he approaches 35, his career is probably over and he never had another chance at a title.