6 pitchers other than Boras clients Giants could still sign in free agency

The San Francisco Giants need another pitcher, but it doesn't have to be Jordan Montgomery or Blake Snell.

San Francisco Giants Introduce Jung Hoo Lee
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Thanks to injuries to the back-half of its rotation, the San Francisco Giants could really use another starting arm on its roster as it gears up in Spring Training for the 2024 season. San Francisco was one of many hopefuls for Shohei Ohtani this offseason, and missed out there.

Ohtani isn't pitching this year anyway, though, but it finds itself in need of a possible add in free agency that could simultaneously fill a need and get a needed open-market win to get fans excited about the year ahead. Ken Rosenthal recently suggested the Giants really need some help, and pointed to two big names on the market, Jordan Montgomery and Blake Snell, who remain unsigned.

The duo are great arms. They're the best available starters. Purely based on who would be best for the team, sure, go with one of those two.

But, they're also both represented by Scott Boras, an agent notorious for getting his clients paid and negotiating hard. Given that the Giants may not want to necessarily pay out the nose this late in free agency to fill out its rotation, perhaps looking to other options is a worthwhile venture.

Here are some other names in free agency that could fit the bill. We'll start with some of the dud names, easy ones to look past but worth considering at the very least, and ramp up to some of the more exciting prospects available on the market.

Noah Syndergaard

Noah Syndergaard's fall from grace over the last two years has been really tough to watch. He's gone from a Cy Young candidate and All-Star in 2016 to a pitcher just barely scraping by here in 2024. Starting pitcher is a really hard role to have consistent long-term success in.

2022 was the start of his downturn. He stood about average in terms of ERA with the Los Angeles Angels, but struggled more with the Phillies after moving midseason. His postseason pain points were signs of a poor 2023 to come, with him putting up a 61 ERA+ with the Dodgers in 12 starts and a 78 with the Guardians in six starts.

Syndergaard could probably be had for a very inexpensive deal if the Giants want to take the risk. He threw a bullpen session for 15 teams that got good reviews, but his continued availability may suggest no one finds his contract desires worth it.

The bullpen session reportedly featured pitches in the mid-90s, something Syndergaard hasn't displayed in-game since 2021.

While it may be a good emergency move, there are other, better pitchers available with fewer question marks.

Madison Bumgarner

Bumgarner is an equally uninspiring name, but one worth considering. He started the year with the Diamondbacks last season, performed poorly, was DFA'd, and didn't find a home after that. The Giants have already been connected to him, so as much as fans may not love to hear this is a possibility, it is.