6 pitchers other than Boras clients Giants could still sign in free agency

The San Francisco Giants need another pitcher, but it doesn't have to be Jordan Montgomery or Blake Snell.

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Zack Greinke

Like Cueto, Greinke is right in that lifespan where he doesn't want to retire, but options are fewer and far between due to teams prioritizing youthful options on the free agent market. But for a team like the Giants, they may not have the room to be picky with age and could just make this a one-year arrangement.

Multiple reporters have confirmed Greinke would like to return for at least another season.

Much like Cueto, he has had a long career with a disappointing 2023 for the Royals. But his lengthy list of accolades, including a Cy Young Award, six All-Star appearances, six Gold Glove awards, and two ERA titles could still serve as a selling point.

Michael Lorenzen

This continues to be the most baffling pitcher left unsigned. Michael Lorenzen was a highly sought-after starting pitcher at the trade deadline last season. After the Phillies acquired him, he threw a no-hitter in his first home start. Unfortunately, that would be his high-water mark with the Phils.

While his time with the Phillies on the whole featured a decline in performance, and Lorenzen wound up being moved to a relief role for the postseason, there's still a lot to like about his prospects as a starting pitcher, especially for an "emergency" signing due to injuries for a team like the Giants.

Lorenzen used his four-seam fastball more than any year since 2015 last year, and also brought his slider back to the fold. His fastball had a run value of 10, slider rated six.

Another thing to like about Lorenzen is his recent experience in that relief role with the Phillies. San Francisco does have lingering question marks about the return timelines for some of its starting pitchers. Tristan Beck and Alex Cobb are possibly to return at some point, and Alex Cobb is back throwing again.

Signing a pitcher with role flexibility like Lorenzen could reduce the risk of a logjam later in the season with the starting rotation. He could bridge start now, and if the Giants prefer him in a bullpen role later, make the switch.


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