6 players who will prove they were wrongly snubbed from EA College Football 25 cover

While EA Sports got it right for the most part with its choices, other college stars beg to differ.
Noah Fifita, Arizona Wildcats
Noah Fifita, Arizona Wildcats / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

We will finally have a college football video game back in our lives this summer! With the release of EA College Football 25 coming out in a few weeks, why ever bother going outside again? Not only can you watch college football, you can play college football from the comfort of your own home!

One thing that created quite the stir on the internet is who is being featured on the deluxe edition's cover.

While you can see all sorts of college helmets, these players had their names and numbers attached.

  • Michigan Wolverines RB Donovan Edwards
  • Texas Longhorns QB Quinn Ewers
  • Colorado Buffaloes CB/WR Travis Hunter
  • Ohio State Buckeyes RB Quinshon Judkins
  • Alabama Crimson Tide QB Jalen Milroe
  • Georgia Bulldogs QB Carson Beck

These six college stars are listed in order as to how prominently they are featured on the cover. Michigan running back Donovan Edwards got top billing because he is the best returning player on the defending national champions. After him, Quinn Ewers (Texas), Travis Hunter (Colorado), Quinshon Judkins (Ohio State), Jalen Milroe (Alabama) and Carson Beck (Georgia) all got love from EA Sports.

But you know what I am interested in now? Who all got snubbed. I think these six guys all have a claim.

6. Ole Miss Rebels QB Jaxson Dart

Since I am going to "try" to replace all six deluxe edition over featured athletes, Georgia quarterback Carson Beck needed to be on here. It doesn't matter that I am biased and he stars at my alma mater, but Georgia is the preeminent power in the sport today. The Dawgs are one of the biggest brands out there, so not having a Georgia player on here would have been so beyond blasphemous to begin with.

However, I recognize another SEC quarterback that should have a special season this fall over in Oxford in Ole Miss' Jaxson Dart. This could be the best year in Ole Miss football since Johnny Vaught was their head coach. Lane Kiffin is the portal king, and Dart could be his greatest pickup ever. If he plays up to his potential, Dart could crash all the parties that Beck already has a soft invitation to.

Beck needed to be on here, but I think people are sleeping on Dart massively this college offseason.

Georgia Bulldogs QB Carson Beck's replacement

5. Arizona Wildcats QB Noah Fifita

The short king prevails! He may be every bit of 5-9 like my False Start co-host and beloved FanSided colleague Cody Williams, but there is a reason why Noah Fifita is Yams' second-favorite college quarterback entering 2024. No, Diego Pavia doesn't count, I'm sorry. What is sorry is just because Fifita plays at Arizona doesn't mean we should write him off. He could be the next Bryce Young, folks!

To only be fair, since I had to replace my Dawg Carson Beck at No. 6, I am replacing Williams' favorite college quarterback in Texas' Quinn Ewers with the short king Fifita. Truth be told, Ewers needed to be on here, just as much as Beck did. Frankly, for as much as college football diehards know about Fifita's greatness over in Tucson, this is why we needed a video game, to preach the man's gospel.

My best guess is Fifita is standing in front of Beck, but you can't see him beneath his 6-foot-4 frame.

Texas Longhorns QB Quinn Ewers' replacement

4. Oregon Ducks QB Dillon Gabriel

If there was one quarterback who wasn't on there that should have been, it was Travis Hunter's Colorado teammate Shedeur Sanders. Oh wait, I'm kidding! I'm actually going to go with a guy who has won more than one conference game at the Power Five level in his college career. Yes, he too is a transfer, but we are unfortunately never going to have another time to put Dillon Gabriel on the cover.

This is because the former UCF and Oklahoma quarterback is now on his third college football team ahead of his super-duper senior season. Gabriel is replacing Bo Nix at Oregon and will be playing in one of the most exciting offenses in the country coordinated by Will Stein. Since Oregon is a serious national title contender, I think it is a shame to not have him on the deluxe edition cover, to be honest.

While I am a massive Jalen Milroe fan, he is the weakest of the three SEC quarterbacks on the cover.

Alabama Crimson Tide QB Jalen Milroe's replacement

3. Miami Hurricanes RB Damien Martinez

Although it is hard to not like Donovan Edwards, especially with what he can do as the No. 1 back in Michigan with Blake Corum now in the NFL, I cannot say he has definitively earned his spot on the cover. I mean, he is a fantastic running back, I think there are two more guys who could have better years than him next season. The first player I want to touch on has to be Damien Martinez at Miami.

Martinez was sensational during the early part of his college career at Oregon State. With the Beavers losing their Power Five designation, for the time being, as well as former head coach Jonathan Smith leaving his alma mater for Michigan State, I don't blame Martinez for transferring. He has a chance to be the reason Miami gets back to national relevancy playing alongside Cam Ward.

You had to have a Michigan guy on the cover, but Martinez is ready to prove everyone so very wrong.

Michigan Wolverines RB Donovan Edwards' replacement

2. Missouri Tigers WR Luther Burden III

I mean, I get it. It is all about brand play. Somehow, someway, EA Sports is going to convince itself that the Colorado Buffaloes are worthy of being a top-15 team in the game itself. For as much as Deion Sander, Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter win online, give me a wide receiver who actually knows how to win on the field at the Power Four level. Missouri Tigers wideout Luther Burden III got screwed!

While Colorado will be lucky to go 8-4 this season, an 8-4 season would be a massive disappointment for Mizzou. The Tigers are a 10-2 team, one that is certainly good enough to make the College Football Playoff in an expanded 12-team field. They are not quite a lock to make the postseason tournament, but I would be shocked if they weren't there. Burden is possibly a top-10 pick next year.

I don't know how good Missouri will be in this game, but I know I don't want to play them next season.

Colorado Buffaloes CB/WR Travis Hunter's replacement

1. Oklahoma State Cowboys RB Ollie Gordon II

This has nothing to do with Quinshon Judkins' talent, but rather the fact that he switched teams and got rewarded for it on the deluxe edition cover of EA College Football 25. If he was still at Ole Miss, nobody would have a problem with him being one of the six players very obviously being compensated for their names, images and likenesses. Instead, people are making a mockery of it.

Honestly, going with his new Ohio State teammate TreVeyon Henderson would have landed far better. For my money, I would have actually had the best running back in college football on the cover in Oklahoma State star Ollie Gordon II. I have no idea how good the Cowboys will do next year, but I am a big fan of Mike Gundy's eccentricities, as well as the running back carrying the football for his team.

Oklahoma State does not have the cachet of Ohio State, but Gordon was done dirty by EA Sports.

Ohio State Buckeyes RB Quinshon Judkins' replacement

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