6 surprising St. Louis Cardinals who could return next season

The 2024 edition of the St. Louis Cardinals could have some unexpected returns. Here are the names who could be back.
Tyler O'Neill, St. Louis Cardinals
Tyler O'Neill, St. Louis Cardinals / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Drew VerHagen could surprisingly return to the Cardinals next season

After appearing in 54 games for the Cardinals this season, VerHagen went 4-1 on the season. He's been a long relief option for the Cardinals. Despite some struggle, it would not be a surprise to see him return to the Cards next season.

Over 55 innings this season, he has a 4.09 ERA with 53 strikeouts. He spent some time on the injured list this season. While his statistics show that he has indeed struggled, he has shown some improvement.

That improvement combined with Marmol continuing to use him situationally, indicates that VerHagen could come back to the Cardinals next season. He is a veteran arm for the bullpen, which is important. The bullpen has gotten young and having VerHagen available for those youngsters could be good for them as they are finding their way.