7 Kansas City Chiefs who won't be back in 2024 after Super Bowl 58

2024 looks to be year of transition for the Kansas City Chiefs as several key players probably have played their last game for the team.

Kansas City Chiefs' star Chris Jones (95)
Kansas City Chiefs' star Chris Jones (95) / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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L'Jarius Sneed, Cornerback

It is hard to let go of a player who has been a shut down corner can cover the best receivers the opposing team send out on the outside.

Pro Football Focus lists him as the second best corner available in free agency and projects a three-year contract for $52.5 million for Sneed in free agency. It would be an accomplishment for the front office to figure out a way to fit that number into the cap.

This past season, Sneed was almost too good, playing himself out of the Chiefs' cap budget. While having two top-notch corners, like Seed and Trent McDuffie is an incredible luxury, the Chiefs aren't known for paying big numbers to cornerbacks.

Sneed has been very exciting to watch develop and shine in his four seasons with the Chiefs, but it is likely he'll be shutting down receivers for someone else next season. Sneed is one of the best cornerbacks in football and will sign at a premium price. As much as Kansas City would prefer to keep him around, it's far from guaranteed.