Aaron Boone flipped out on the umpire for having the "largest strike zone in MLB," but was he right?

Aaron Boone has flipped on another umpire as they continue to keep blowing calls. Was Boone in the right for berating an umpire who was just trying to do his job by continuing to verbally attack him?

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Aaron Boone is tired of MLB umpires and the amount of bad calls they continue to make. In Wednesday's game, Boone flipped his lid on umpire Lance Barrett due to calling many, many balls as strikes when they were almost in the dirt.

Lance Barrett has been one of the worst umpires in all of MLB, holding an accuracy rate of just 93.3 percent, which puts him in the bottom 20 percent of MLB umpires. This signals that he isn't even the worst, yet he is still allowed to continue to ruin games.

In the recent game between the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays, Barrett called four strikes balls and twelve balls strikes. He called four strikes balls, which means he had an accuracy rate of 97 percent on balls, but on strikes, he ruled that 12 were strikes when they should have been balls, sitting at only an 82 percent accuracy rate.

In a recent Jomboy Media video, we learned some of what Boone said to Barrett. It mostly started when Lance said to Boone, "Jeez, Lance," after a ball was called a strike on Anthony Volpe. After many blown calls, Boone continued to chirp at Lance before Lance said, "Timeout, Aaron, no more of this throwing up of hands and yelling; I'm not going to listen to it."

Boone responded with "We're just saying you should fix it." This deeply frustrated Lance, and he commented, "I'm just telling you right now, no more out of this dugout." After getting threatened, Boone said, "Just fix it; they're balls." Oddly enough, after arguing balls and strikes, Boone should have been thrown out of the game, but instead, the umpire decided to resume play.

The very next play, Barrett decided to call another ball a strike, which is where things blew up. The umpire said, "Aaron, get out of here," then threw Boone out of the game. Boone then had a hot-mic incident where fans at home could hear everything. Boone went on to say, "He's having a hell of a night, and I know you have the biggest zone in the league; you must f---ing know it too."

He then continued to express his anger, saying, "The ball to Judge is not f---ing close, and that is worse than those, the ones you just called over here, just so you f---ing know." He continued with, "Do you know it? Or do you think that's a strike? Do you think that's a strike? Just so you f---ing know. Okay!" Barrett responded by nodding his head yes.

Was Aaron Boone in the right for his comments about blown calls?

Boone continued for a bit longer but didn't get much of a response from Barrett. The league needs to start punishing umpires for their bad calls, just like in the minors and MLB, where umps can get sent up and down.

Boone was in the right, but he should have been ejected sooner after questioning balls and strikes. MLB needs to use robot umpires soon for events like this not to occur, but I love watching them play out.

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