Aaron Boone hinted recent ejection could have repercussions for Hunter Wendelstedt

Monday, Yankees manager Aaron Boone received a surprising ejection two batters into the game. When asked about what his next course of action would be, Boone said he would contact MLB officials.
Oakland Athletics v New York Yankees
Oakland Athletics v New York Yankees / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

A strange moment took place during yesterday's game between the New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics.

Just two batters and five pitches into the game, Yankees manager Aaron Boone was tossed. However, the replay of the incident shows that Boone didn't say anything to home plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt that warranted an ejection.

Oakland defeated the Bronx Bombers by a final score of 2-0, but the story of the game was Wendelstedt's ejection of Boone.

After the game, Boone was asked about what his next course of action would be and whether or not he would speak to MLB officials about what took place.

Boone said he would do just that, saying that the ejection was "not right."

Aaron Boone hints at consequences for Hunter Wendelstedt

Obviously, Boone will not have the final say in this matter, as it will be up to the umpire's union to decide what to do with Wendelstedt after what took place. Ejecting a manager for what someone in the stands said ought to lead to some form of punishment. If not now, then when?

However, it is clear that Boone was not treated fairly in this moment. Not only did he remain quiet and not say anything to Wendelstedt, but it appeared as though it was a fan who had voiced their displeasure.

Boone was obviously frustrated, and rightfully so. It makes sense as to why he would want to have this incident undergo further review.

In the end, it was simply an abuse of power by Wendelstedt, who could have simply continued to umpire the game rather than cause a stir with Boone for no reason.

It remains to be seen what will be done about this incident, but it's clear that Boone believes Wendelstedt should be held accountable for his mistake in yesterday's game, and it's very possible that he could end up facing discipline as a result.

The ejection was the 35th of Boone's managerial career, and it also may have been the most controversial of his career.