Adam Duvall sure makes Chris Sale trade sound like another Red Sox mistake

Adam Duvall did not need to be won over on Chris Sale. He already knows what Sale is all about.

Chris Sale, Atlanta Braves
Chris Sale, Atlanta Braves / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

It is crazy how it all came together. Adam Duvall had already been on the Atlanta Braves for several years over two stints with the team. Although this is the team Chris Sale grew up rooting for in Lakeland, Florida, he never had the luxury of pitching for the NL East club ... until Sunday. While Atlanta did not get the win in the series finale vs. Philadelphia, Sale looked the part in his debut.

Sale went 5.1 innings, allowing two earned runs, walking two, surrending five hits, while striking out seven. It wasn't the most brilliant start of his career, but this was just a glimpse to what Sale looked like in his prime. He can be unhittable at times due to his herky-jerky delivery, great stuff and being effectively wild. All the while, he seems to be right at home playing for the Braves, this year and next.

Even before his first start with the Braves, Duvall went to bat for the guy. They were teammates last season on the 2023 Boston Red Sox. While Boston was not the least bit good, Duvall thinks the world of his guy, citing it was such a pleasure to play behind him in the outfield every fifth day he toed the rubber. It may have only been one year together, but Duvall knows Sale is exactly what Atlanta needs.

"When he's out there, he means business. He is going to war."

Duvall's veteran presence and his well-liked nature make him such a great late offseason pickup, too.

With a World Series within their grasp, the Braves have opted to add veteran players who have deep postseason experience (Duvall, Sale, Jesse Chavez) or others who are starving just to win something substantial (Aaron Bummer, Jarred Kelenic). Sale has already helped the Braves out in a pinch, as his ability to pitch later in the ballgame on Sunday helped save an overworked bullpen from the day prior.

Together, Duvall and Sale can help each other win their second World Series rings together in Atlanta.

Adam Duvall is all-in on Chris Sale being his Atlanta Braves teammate

When Atlanta acquired Sale from the Red Sox in exchange for popular infielder Vaughn Grissom, I was certainly intrigued. Sale was an insanely good pitcher during his heyday with the Chicago White Sox, but was injury-prone throughout most of his time with the Red Sox. For various reasons, I could sense Boston fans' frustration with the guy. Then again, Grissom's glove had him quickly falling out of favor.

But I think the other thing with Sale and the Red Sox is this. He was there for the 2018 World Series championship, the one that was led by Mookie Betts. Dave Dombrowski left. Enter Chaim Bloom. Hell ensued. Sale had been playing for a winner, until he wasn't. Now he is back with one.

Atlanta may come up short in October once again, but you better believe the Braves will be there. They are one of the four best teams in the National League, on a shortlist of who can realistically win it all. While Duvall has had a long and successful career, Sale has an outside shot at Cooperstown if he closes out his illustrious career in Atlanta with a bang. So far, he has been as advertised for them.

If the Braves are to win their second title in four seasons, expect for Sale to play a huge part in that.

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