AFC Playoff Picture: Chiefs take AFC West with Week 17 win

The Kansas City Chiefs haven't looked as pretty this year, but they'll take the AFC West once again.

Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

The schedule makers knew exactly what they were doing with Week 17, giving plenty of meaningful games in regards to NFL Playoffs positioning. Monday Night Football on Saturday night started off the week with a meeting of two NFC powerhouses in the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys.

Then, the next day, the Nos. 1 and 2 seeds in the AFC would face off with one another, with the Baltimore Ravens playing host to the Miami Dolphins.

Baltimore shocked the world, picking Miami apart and making them look like they belonged in another tier, winning 56-19. It has been declared: The Ravens deserve that No. 1 seed, and with Week 17's win, they officially grabbed it.

And in the late afternoon window, the Chiefs would take the AFC West win by defeating the Cincinnati Bengals and tacking on one more win to their total, officially putting the Denver Broncos out of reach.

AFC Playoff Picture after Week 17

Here's how the NFL's AFC Playoff Picture shakes out, with playoff percentages for applicable teams (bold teams are already guaranteed a playoff spot).

  1. Baltimore Ravens: 13-3
  2. Miami Dolphins: 11-5
  3. Kansas City Chiefs: 10-6
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars: 9-7 (76%)
  5. Cleveland Browns: 11-5
  6. Buffalo Bills: 10-6 (93%)
  7. Indianapolis Colts: 9-7 (52%)

After this win, the No. 1 seed officially belongs to the Ravens. The Dolpins, with five losses, are staring down the barrel of what could be a division-clinching game in Week 18 against the Buffalo Bills, who have one more loss than Miami but beat the Dolphins earlier this year.

The Texans are still a coin-flip to get in, but a dominating win keeps their hopes alive with C.J. Stroud returning to the fold.

AFC WIld Card playoff picture after Week 17

  1. Cleveland Browns: 11-5
  2. Buffalo Bills: 10-6 (93%)
  3. Indianapolis Colts: 9-7 (52%)
  4. Houston Texans: 9-7 (47%)
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers: 9-7 (23% if win, 2% if lose)
  6. Cincinnati Bengals: 8-8 (46% if win, 5% if lose)
  7. Denver Broncos: 8-8 (12% if win, <1% if lose)

Beyond the Jaguars, Browns, and Bills, things are looking dire for outside teams, but it's possible. The Texans, Bengals and Colts are proverbial coin flips, and the Steelers have a similar road in, albeit a far lower percent chance of making it in. The Broncos are hanging on by a mere thread.

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