5 Alex Grinch replacements USC football needs to finally fix the defense

Alex Grinch is done stealing USC fans' Christmases, as he has finally been relieved of his duties.

Alex Grinch, USC Trojans
Alex Grinch, USC Trojans / Harry How/GettyImages
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3. Tom Allen could get the most out of USC's lackluster defensive talent

This one is all contingent on Tom Allen being let go by Indiana as the Hoosiers' head coach. A linebackers coach by trade, Allen has had two good seasons at IU since taking over for Kevin Wilson full-time in 2017. The best season he had to date was the 6-2 campaign with Michael Penix Jr. as his starting quarterback during the height of COVID. Now, his offense is listless without a star playmaker.

Conversely, I think Allen would be able to provide a ton of value to a team coming into the Big Ten like USC, especially one that does not regularly play in midwestern climates later in the fall. Allen gets his players to play hard, but recruiting has never been his forte. Riley flourishes in it. His problem has been allowing his defensive staff to be this horrible for far too long. Allen could be an easy fix for USC.

Truth be told, it is about a 50-50 chance if Allen is let go. He was kind of, sort of on the hot seat to begin the season. If Indiana looks pathetic at the end of the season vs. Purdue, that could be all she wrote for Allen in Bloomington. There would lie an interesting cross-section for Allen and Riley should they meet. Allen would need a new job and Riley would need a defensive mind who is worth a damn.

Given that Allen is only in his mid-50s, he could have a second life as a superstar coordinator at USC.