Angels GM defends Anthony Rendon following questions about infielder’s passion for baseball

Los Angeles Angels general manager Perry Minasian has Anthony Rendon's back amid speculation about his commitment to baseball.

Los Angeles Angels Photo Day
Los Angeles Angels Photo Day / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Once an athlete receives a lucrative long-term contract that nets them generational wealth, we see them let their guard down.

Players can ease up once they know they’re financially secure and lose their love for the game — it happens regularly across all sports.

That has been a knock on Los Angeles Angels infielder Anthony Rendon, who has played in no more than 58 games in his four seasons with the team after signing an earth-shattering seven-year, $245 million contract in 2019.

Rendon cashed in on a career year in 2019, making his lone All-Star appearance and playing a critical role in the Washington Nationals’ march to winning the World Series. 

However, he has failed to replicate magic in Los Angeles and has barely been on the field, which has led to questions about his commitment to the sport.

The 33-year-old infielder didn’t do himself any favors when he arrived for spring training earlier this week, telling the media baseball is not his top priority.

“That’s [Baseball] never been a top priority for me. This is a job. So, I do this to make a living. My faith and my family come first before this job,” Rendon said.

While many were quick to have reservations about Rendon’s dedication to the sport and his team in light of his recent comments, Angels general manager Perry Minsasian jumped to his defense.

Angels GM Perry Minasian has Anthony Rendon’s back

While addressing the media, Minasian was asked about Rendon’s interaction with reporters and what to make of it, and he had this to say:

“For me, it’s actions, right? It’s less about words and more about actions. Anthony [Rendon] is a good teammate. We’ve seen him play with some intensity and even when he’s been on the IL, he’s been there for his teammates. He knows the game. He enjoys playing the games. I believe he’s in a really good place right now and [I’m] expecting a big year from him.”

To receive a vote of confidence from the general manager amid ongoing struggles and criticisms could motivate Rendon and fuel him as he looks to prove the doubters wrong.  

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