Arch Manning's EA College Football 25 opt out totally backfired on social media

You can opt out of EA College Football 25, but you can't opt out of becoming the butt of the joke.

Texas Longhorns quarterback Arch Manning
Texas Longhorns quarterback Arch Manning / Aaron E. Martinez/American-Statesman /

Arch Manning seems like a good kid. It doesn't seem like a famous family and the enormous weight of expectation that has followed him as a highly-touted quarterback prospect has gotten to his head.

But having your head on straight doesn't mean you don't unintentionally, and hilariously, step in it some of the time.

Manning was apparently just trying to "focus on football" by deciding not to opt in to appear in EA College Football 25. In doing so, he made sure the focus was most definitely not on football on social media, it was all on him. Specifically, clowning him.

CFB Twitter was in fine form roasting Arch Manning for EA College Football 25 opt out

Let's be honest, Manning's decision not to opt in isn't a big deal. It's just that his vague reasons for turning down the opportunity to appear in the most anticipated sports video game in a decade (plus $600 and a copy of the game) only opened the door for confusion. When you give Twitter a chance to turn you into a meme, they will absolutely run with it.

Manning is reportedly not all that interested in his NIL valuation, so this isn't an NIL play because he's unsatisfied with the paltry fee being awarded to players who opt-in. He's only signed one publicly acknowledged deal with Panini. The proceeds from that deal are going to a nonprofit. (Again, seems like a really good kid.)

"Getting my first Panini trading card is something I couldn't have imagined growing up," Manning said in a statement about that deal.

Arch, my dude. Most college football fans could only dream of being included in the new edition of a college football video game. That's why the reaction has been so strong.

At least we got some hilarious tweets out of this whole thing.

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