Astros fans send threats to new Houston reporter for Jose Altuve criticism

A new Chron reporter received threats from Houston Astros fans for her past criticism of Jose Altuve.

Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game Seven
Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game Seven / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The Houston Astros haven't been very active this winter, at least not yet. However, with that time their fanbase managed to insult a new Chron reporter who was tasked with covering the team.

Leah Vann was newly hired by Chron, and will likely cover some Astros games. Just a few months ago, Vann responded to a fan who claimed Jose Altuve deserved respect with a clear "No." She then followed up with a declaration that she “didn’t need to respect cheaters.”

Obviously, fans did not like that. Astros fans have remained adamant that Altuve was not involved in the wrongdoings of the Houston sign-stealing scandal back in 2017. Altuve's teammates insisted he was one of the few who did not use said advantage, though it's tough to know at this point. Yankees fans will be quick to point out the supposed wire under Altuve's shirt when he hit a walk-off home run to defeat New York and Aroldis Chapman in the MLB postseason, but that was never proven.

Nonetheless, we're six years removed from Houston's asterisk-laden World Series. Still, Astros fans take any criticism of Altuve seriously, including that from Vann. The new Chron reporter was sent threats, and eventually deleted her social media entirely.

Astros fans go too far with Chron reporter

Vann has apologized for her comments, and Astros fans ought to take those at face value. She would not be covering the Astros for a professional media organization if she were heavily biased against them. In the moment, it's understandable why Vann would have hard feelings towards Altuve right after the sign-stealing information was released.

It's no secret that Vann needs to form a better working relationship with Astros fans, as they do not trust her. However, making veiled threats and causing her to delete her social media is going way too far.

In the future, please direct your threats at me instead. Whether Altuve benefitted or not, he was a leader on a team which cheated its way to a World Series. What Vann said and has since apologized for isn't necessarily incorrect. Houston, you have egg on your face.