Atlanta Braves Rumors: Jared Shuster replacement, Chipper Jones troll, late-season free agent move

Atlanta Braves Rumors: Jared Shuster is sent down again. Chipper Jones trolls his former teammate John Smoltz. Could a free-agent move be in the cards?
Atlanta Braves v San Francisco Giants
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Atlanta Braves Rumors: Chipper Jones trolls John Smoltz

Bally Sports South debuted their legends booth last week to rave reviews. The booth included John Smoltz, Chipper Jones and Tom Glavine, formerly Atlanta teammates who won a World Series together.

After a Pete Alonso hit by pitch, the Bally Sports crew discussed the sole time John Smoltz was hit by a pitch. Smoltz did not recall the event fondly, though his former teammates had a few laughs at his expense. Chipper Jones, specifically, had plenty to say to Smoltz. During his day, Chipper was among the most-plunked Braves in the box. It's not surprising Jones was hit by more pitches than Smoltz given he was a hitter, but Chipper wanted to make sure Smoltz knew his HBP was nothing in comparison to what big-league hitters go through on a monthly basis.

“Hey, there was no tuna,” Smoltz complained. “It was just having a hard time breathing at that point.”

Chipper had a rebuttal ready for Smoltz, and it wasn't pretty for the Hall-of-Fame pitcher.

“This is how my 6-year-old would have taken one,” Jones responded. “I’ve been waiting my whole life for that one."

Chipper and Smoltz are good friends who surely love to give each other a hard time. The legends booth was a major hit among fans in part because of the familiarty between the players. Hopefully, this won't be the last time we see these three sharing a TV set.