Atlanta Braves Rumors: Mike Trout buzz, Kyle Wright backup plan, salty Phillies

Braves Rumors: Atlanta is connected to outfielder Mike Trout, Kyle Wright struggled in his first start off the IL. The Phillies were so salty.
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Atlanta Braves
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Atlanta Braves / Daniel Shirey/GettyImages
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Atlanta Braves Rumors: Does a Mike Trout trade make any sense?

Atlanta doesn't have an eye towards the offseason just yet, but fans ought to pay attention to Mike Trout's situation with the Los Angeles Angels. Trout is loyal, and he's sure to honor his contract with the Angels rather than demanding out of Anaheim. However, if Arte Moreno and Trout have a mutual understanding that the latter wants to play for a winner, then Atlanta could enter the conversation.


That's a huge what if, and it should be noted that FanSided MLB Insider Robert Murray does not believe the Angels will trade Trout:

"But a trade is unlikely for a multitude of reasons. First, Trout is extremely loyal. He signed a 12-year, $426.5 million contract through the 2030 season with the vision of retiring with the Angels. He wanted to be in Anaheim, and all indications are that he wants to remain with the franchise. Perhaps that changes if team owner Arte Moreno informs Trout that he’s opting for a multi-year rebuild. But Moreno, aside from a historic teardown in mid-August, has always avoided rebuilding and prefers to be competitive."

Atlanta could use a corner outfielder, especially one of Trout's skillset. If the two sides were to link up for a deal it would surely cost the Braves some of their top prospects, such as AJ Smith-Shawver and Vaughn Grissom. FanSided's Kevin Henry suggested Atlanta makes sense as a trade partner on Thursday:

"Alex Anthopoulos has been known to take some chances in the past, including making deals to rebuild his outfield ahead of the 2021 MLB trade deadline. The moves paid off, with the Braves winning the Fall Classic that season. Would this be the craziest move he could make, especially with Michael Harris II quite content in center field? Possibly so."

It's possible, but certainly not probable.