3 key moves the Atlanta Hawks need to make at the NBA Trade Deadline

The Atlanta Hawks are heading into a crucial trade deadline with the squad nowhere near the playoffs and a massive luxury tax bill looming. Time to make some moves.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Atlanta Hawks
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1. A Trae Young blockbuster move to a rising Eastern Conference contender

Young has put up huge numbers but hasn't been able to keep the Hawks competitive, even with an extremely talented supporting cast. Last offseason there were ever rumors that he would be the next star to request a trade. The franchise could end up getting ahead of this and trade him for a boatload of first-round picks to a squad that is looking for an offensive upgrade.

The Orlando Magic are a small market franchise but have been able to turn themselves around into one of the best stories of the NBA right now with smart drafting. While the Magic have a great young roster and will look to compete for the next couple of years, the team could use an upgrade at point guard.

The franchise has all of its tradable draft picks and could look to trade for an offensive engine to help supplement its elite defense. who they would not get in free agency since the squad is in a small market area. A trade would likely require four outright first-round picks and one to three swaps but the Magic could do it if they wanted to.

The team could then offer Jonathan Issac and Markelle Fultz to match salary and add Anthony Black as a young player with potential to their trade package. While Young is probably not available until this offseason, this is a deal that teams could visit now or after the season ends.

No matter what ends up happening with the Hawks this season, some trades are coming.

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