Bears already pulling out all the stops for Caleb Williams, starting with his jersey

The Chicago Bears just saw one of their players change jerseys from 13 to 10, opening it up for Caleb Williams, or perhaps Keenan Allen?
UCLA v USC / Ric Tapia/GettyImages

Caleb Williams wore #13 in college at USC. The Chicago Bears had someone on their roster that wore No. 13, that is, until today. Now, it's open for business.

No. 13 was initially worn by WR Tyler Scott, taken in the 4th round last season out of Cincinnati. However, Scott has changed his number to 10, meaning No. 13 is all open for Caleb to take, unless of course, he wishes to give it to Keenan Allen, whom the Bears recently acquired from the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Chicago Bears are opening the door for Caleb Williams to wear No. 13 if he chooses to do so, unless he decides to go in a different direction

If Williams chooses to rock No. 13, he would be the first Bears quarterback to do so since Rick Mirer, whose time with the Bears was abysmally dreadful. Still, given the current situation with Chicago's roster, there is a chance that Williams fares much better. Or, he could opt for a different number and leave 13 to Allen, who has worn it his entire career with the Chargers.

For those unaware, Williams wore No. 18 in high school in Washington DC. He could opt to wear that number instead, but again, it's not about the jersey number, it's about the production on the field. For the Bears, they are hoping that Williams can be the franchise quarterback that they have not seen since black and white films of Sid Luckman back in the 40s.

Tyler Scott made his move, but who gets No. 13 remains to be seen. Will it be Caleb Williams or will it be Keenan Allen? What would the other person wear if 13 was taken? All those questions will soon be answered, at the end of the month when Chicago is on the clock and makes the selection most folks anticipate will happen ever since the previous season concluded.