Bears fans want one more shipped off with Chase Claypool after awful fourth-down decision

Chicago Bears fans want to see the organization clean house.

Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs
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EDIT: An earlier version of this article recounted the 4th down situation inaccurately and has since been updated.

"How about I throw in one Matt Eberflus, free of charge? Will you take Chase Claypool off my hands then?"

Chicago Bears fans are all over the place emotionally this Sunday, and somewhat understandably. Before the game started today, Chase Claypool was benched. Then, it was reported that the Bears wanted to trade him... For about 10X less than they acquired him for less than a year ago.

Then, Justin Fields looked great! Then, the defense fell asleep.

What a day. And it wasn't even dinner time yet.

Knotted at 28 after leading 28-7, the Bears marched down the field once more. Faced with a fourth down, the Bears decided to go for it rather than playing it safe to kick a field goal, a kick that would have tied the game had the other results held.

Bears fans want Matt Eberfleus fired

Months after Eberflus started, Bears fans are done with the Matt Eberfleus experience.

Some fans think he'll be fired Monday:

Others think he'll be lost on obscurity within five years.

In the end, was it really the wrong call? I honestly am not sure. Would taking the safe, "computer correct" call have helped much? Head coaches don't win in this league being safe, and Eberflus had a chance to give his quarterback, already putting forth his best game of the year, another moment to prove his worth and potentially boost his confidence even more.

On the other hand, they would have walked away with just a missed kick. That's passive, boring football.

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