Bears Twitter rallies prayers for hospitalized legend who just made Hall of Fame

Steve McMichael fought ALS long enough to reach the Hall of Fame. Now he needs prayers in the hospital with pneumonia.

Oct 28, 1990; Tempe, AZ, USA; FILE PHOTO; Chicago Bears defensive tackle Steve McMichael (76) on the
Oct 28, 1990; Tempe, AZ, USA; FILE PHOTO; Chicago Bears defensive tackle Steve McMichael (76) on the / Manny Rubio-USA TODAY Sports

The story of Steve McMichael is one of tragedy, perseverance and triumph against the odds. And the McMichael family and Bears community can now only hope and pray it continues.

McMichael was a defensive tackle on the legendary '85 Chicago Bears. His dream was to make it into the NFL Hall of Fame. But his diagnosis with ALS in 2020 threatened to keep him from seeing that dream become a reality.

As his body deteriorated, the possibility of a call from the Hall of Fame literally kept him alive — the "do not resuscitate" order he and his wife signed was ripped up after he found out he was a finalist for the Class of 2024.

On Jan. 24, McMichael's dream came true. The Hall of Fame did come calling and he made it long enough to hear that call. Then the question turned to the induction, which is scheduled for August. Could he make it to then? That's the hope, but a hurdle is one again in his way.

The McMichael's publicist released a statement on Thursday night asking for one thing from Bears fans: Prayers.

Bears Twitter sends out prayers for Steve McMichael

"We are asking for prayers for Steve McMichael. He is going to the Emergency Room now with suspected pneumonia."

UPDATE: McMichael was admitted to the ICU with a urinary tract infection. He is on antibiotics, according to the latest update at 8:25 p.m. ET.

ESPN produced a tear-inducing feature on McMichael and his battle with ALS. If you've never seen it, it's well worth nine minutes of your time.

McMichael is a Hall of Famer and he knows that. The rest isn't up to us. All anyone can do is offer thoughts or prayers as McMichael and his family continue their fight.

The defensive lineman played for the Texas Longhorns in college. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2010.

He was drafted in 1980 by the Patriots but they cut him after just one season. He landed on his feet in Chicago. He was an All-Pro on that famous 1985 team that won the Super Bowl. He went to two Pro Bowls. He finished his career in 1994 with the Packers.

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