Best fits for Scott Boras's 5 remaining free agents if one-year deal were only option

If Scott Boras' free agents had to sign one-year deals, these teams would make the most sense for each of the five players.

Jun 4, 2022; Los Angeles, California, USA; Sports agent Scott Boras attends a game between the Los
Jun 4, 2022; Los Angeles, California, USA; Sports agent Scott Boras attends a game between the Los / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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To say that the MLB offseason has been disappointing would be an understatement. Months of mostly inactivity have made this winter completely unbearable for baseball fans. Thankfully Spring Training has begun so fans don't have to scroll aimlessly on social media hoping someone will sign, but several of the game's best players remain unsigned.

Reigning Cy Young winner Blake Snell, unsigned. Former MVP Cody Bellinger, unsigned. World Series champion Jordan Montgomery, unsigned. Four-time Gold Glove winner Matt Chapman, unsigned. Six-time All-Star J.D. Martinez, unsigned.

All five of those players are represented by the same agent: Scott Boras. The notoriously shrewd Boras is known to take his time with his clients to ensure they're getting the best deal possible. His methods often work, and he's at the top of his field for a reason, but it feels reasonable to now say that Boras' clients will not get the lucrative deals he envisioned.

They won't all have to settle for one-year deals, but a quick re-entry to the market might be the best way for these players to eventually get the massive long-term deals they seek. If they have big years in 2024, it'll be harder for teams to not meet insane prices. It's unlikely that all five of Boras' free agents will sign one-year deals when they eventually do sign but if they were to do so, the fits would be rather clear for each player.

5) J.D. Martinez's best fit on a one-year deal is with the Marlins

J.D. Martinez remaining available into late February is rather shocking because it feels like his market should be very clear. He proved this past season that he's still an extremely elite hitter, but his price point won't reflect that because he does not play the field and because he's 36 years old.

Martinez might be looking for a two-year deal, but in all likelihood, teams will only be willing to offer him one due to his age and lack of defensive contributions. With only a select few teams needing designated hitters at this point of the offseason, Martinez's market should be even clearer.

One team in desperate need of some offensive firepower is the Miami Marlins. Even with Sandy Alcantara out for the season, Miami has one of the best rotations in the National League. Their lineup, however, leaves a lot to be desired.

As of now, Miami's DH would likely be Avisail Garcia whose tenure with the Marlins has been an abject failure. Sticking Martinez into the middle of Miami's lineup alongside guys like Luis Arraez, Jazz Chisholm Jr., and Josh Bell could push their offense from one of the league's worst to the middle of the pack.

The Marlins made it to the postseason last season despite ranking 26th in runs scored. They'd almost certainly rank much higher with J.D., and even if it doesn't work out, the Marlins wouldn't be stuck with him.