Biggest deficit Chiefs have overcome to win the Super Bowl

The Chiefs aren't strangers to a comeback.

Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade
Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade / Jay Biggerstaff/GettyImages

As the Kansas City Chiefs enter halftime of Super Bowl LVIII, they find themselves in a deficit. This era of the Chiefs led by Patrick Mahomes is not necessarily a stranger to playoff comebacks, but that doesn't make the predicament any less stressful for fans.

As the San Francisco 49ers maintained a 10-point lead until the final minute of the first half, the Chiefs found themselves in familiar territory.

Chiefs biggest Super Bowl deficit comeback

The Kansas City Chiefs are used to coming back from 10-point deficits. As of halftime, Kansas City has already chipped away and brought it down to seven, but ion both of the Mahomes era titles, the Chiefs have come back from down 10.

Against the San Francisco 49ers in LIV, the Chiefs fell 20-10 in the third quarter before scoring 21 in the fourth quarter.

Against the Philadelphia Eagles, they entered halftime down 10 (24-14), but outscored the Eagles 24-11 in the second half to win 38-35.

Chiefs biggest playoff deficit comeback

The Chiefs are used to this.

Against the Houston Texans in 2020 on the way to their LIV win, Kansas City beat the Texans 51-31, completing a 24-point comeback. It's a franchise record period, not just in the playoffs.

Patrick Mahomes seems to relish in the comeback.