Bills and Steelers face extreme disadvantage in playoffs after postponement

Delaying the Buffalo Bills' game vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers due to a blizzard puts the winner of this AFC playoff game at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to number days of between games.

Sean McDermott, Buffalo Bills
Sean McDermott, Buffalo Bills / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

If only the Buffalo Bills' stadium had a dome... Okay, that's not really going to solve anything, as lake effect snow is a real thing and it is going to be absolutely frightful on Saturday night ahead of the Bills' home playoff game vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers. This was supposed to be the early afternoon kickoff on Sunday. Now it will be played on late Monday afternoon ahead of the final game of the weekend..

It is all about people's safety, so I understand why the State of New York has issued major weather advisories for Saturday night, forcing Sunday afternoon's game to be postponed by a day. Of course, there will be lingering after-effects from this No. 2 vs. No. 7 AFC playoff game as well. It is all about days of rest in win-or-go-home situations. Buffalo is heavily favored this weekend, but come on!

Of all the people on social media Saturday afternoon, nobody is more upset about the Bills not playing on Sunday morning than noted football analyst Warren Sharp. In a full-blown CAPS ATTACK rant, he guaranteed that the Bills will now be at a two-day rest disadvantage than their next opponent would be if they were to advance to the Divisional Round. One day at a time, my friend. One day at a time.

No No. 2 seed will have ever been treated with such disgusting scheduling disadvantages as the Bills. Just beat the snot out of the Steelers on Monday afternoon to live to fight another day, man...

Sharp also points out that Buffalo would be at another scheduling disadvantage if they were to win in the divisional round ahead of the AFC Championship game for Baltimore Ravens reasons, I suppose...

I want to rip my mustache off so I can generate enough adrenaline and body heat to suit up and play.

Blizzard postponement good for fan safety, bad for Buffalo Bills' chances

To date, no No. 7 seed has ever beaten a No. 2 seed before in the NFL Playoffs. Admittedly, it is only a relatively new advent in the sport, but the juggernaut has always had no problem making tomato cans look like tomato cans. But what is said tomato can was frozen? That could mess somebody up, dude. To me, I think if the Bills win, the league will find a way to get them back for having to navigate all this.

If you don't think the NFL is capable of changing games' dates and start times, then you don't remember COVID at all. We did incredible things to get football on the field at all levels. So if the Bills need to pick up a day of rest for the sake of player safety and competitive balance, I think the shield could find a way to make that happen. Or not. Football is a game of overcoming great adversity anyway.

Frankly, I think we are putting the cart in front of the horse a bit here. Nothing is guaranteed in life, or in the NFL for that matter. Just win the game. Survive and advance, as they often say in college basketball. It is not like these NFL teams are not prepared for something like this. For the better part of a generation, players and teams are asked to play games on Thursday night with three days rest.

The NFL postponed this playoff game for a reason. People's safety is more important that football.

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