Brandon Aiyuk's cryptic IG post hints at 49ers exit after dramatic Super Bowl 58 loss

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk
San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk / Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports

Is Brandon Aiyuk on his way out of San Francisco?

You'd have reason to believe so after reading the Instagram posts from Aiyuk and his best friend or watching the TikTok of his partner after the 49ers lost in Super Bowl 58.

On Monday, Aiyuk posted an IG story that simply said, "Don't forget what got you there," with an eyeball emoji. That post alone wouldn't have caused anxiety among 49ers fans but paired with the other chatter from Aiyuk's inner circle, it sounds different.

Aiyuk's partner posted a TikTok of her "Travel Day of Shame" after the Super Bowl loss, revealing that it might be her and Brandon's last time stepping foot at Levi Stadium because "we might not be out here next year."

Even more damning evidence of an Aiyuk-49ers breakup came from Draysean Hudson, Aiyuk's long-time friend and former teammate.

Hudson posted a video of the moment Aiyuk got open and would have scored a touchdown if Chris Jones hadn't pressured Brock Purdy into an incompletion.

"Why does your All Pro 1300 yard receiver have 3 catches in the Super Bowl," Hudson wrote on his IG story.

He followed that up with something more definitive: "This is the exact reason why we leaving San Francisco. Thank you 49ers for drafting my brother We are forever grateful. BA to Vegas."

All of this may be moot because Aiyuk just finished his fourth season in SF. The team has a fifth-year option they can activate. But Aiyuk's displeasure could end any hopes of the team and player reaching an agreement on a contract extension. The wide receiver could force his way out via a trade.

The 49ers drafted Aiyuk in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. He's been a key weapon in the offense since, racking up 3,931 yards and 25 touchdowns in four seasons. The 2023 campaign was his best yet, with 75 catches for 1,342 yards and seven touchdowns.

In the Super Bowl, he did have just three catches. However, he was second on the team with 49 yards. Deebo Samuel also had just three catches. While Samuel was targeted 11 times, Aiyuk was only targeted six times. So that may be where his gripe comes from.

Either way, Kyle Shanahan and company need to figure this out quickly, lest they become the latest Super Bowl loser to crumble in the aftermath.

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