Brandon Staley's comments after embarrassing Chargers loss should seal his fate

The Los Angeles Chargers fell to the Las Vegas Raiders, 63-21, in a game that should end Brandon Staley's tenure as head coach.

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

Brandon Staley is 24-24 as Los Angeles Chargers head coach. In his only postseason appearance, his team blew a 27-0 lead against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

For some coaches, that resume wouldn't be enough to get them fire. Staley's Chargers, however, have routinely been among the most talented rosters in the NFL on paper. The frustration from fans and ownership alike as the Chargers fall short of expectations is growing louder. A blowout loss to the Raiders, of all teams, could be enough for ownership to finally pull the plug.

After losing by 40-plus points to Vegas and falling out of the AFC playoff race, Staley didn't offer much in the form of encouragement.

"I didn't do anything well enough to get us ready to play tonight," Staley said. "Games like this happen in the NFL" they don't. Not unless you're the Chargers being led by an incompetent Brandon Staley.

Staley would not say if he'd still be the team's head coach next week or even the next day. In the moment, it was rather impossible to predict.

When will the Chargers fire Brandon Staley, and who will replace him?

I'd be fairly surprised that Staley's key card still works to get into the Chargers facility this morning, but we'll see. If ownership opts to keep Staley through the end of the season, that should be the end of his tenure.

However, cutting ties with Staley now and giving a young coach on the staff -- such as OC Kellen Moore -- to receive some experience makes more sense in the long-term vision.

Moore will be a head coaching candidate somewhere in 2024, as the Chargers offense was hardly their problem when Justin Herbert was healthy. With Herbert under contract long term, Los Angeles needed to see some progression from Staley and the coaching staff this season. Instead, they took a step backwards.

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