3 biggest warning signs from Braves sweep at hands of Marlins

After getting swept by the Marlins, the Atlanta Braves are starting to show some warning signs they might not make it as far in the postseason as expected.

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies
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Braves warning sign from Marlins sweep, No. 1: Ronald Acuña Jr. injury

In the first game of the three-part series, Ronald Acuña Jr. went down with an injury. When Acuña hasn't played in 2023, the Braves hold a record of 0-2. The Acuña effect is what has been helping been instrumental in the club's success this season. He holds a wRC+ of 169, which is the highest mark of his career, meaning he helps the Braves create 69 percent more runs than the average player would.

Acuña has an ability that hasn't been seen in a long time, playing in 147 games and hitting 37 home runs while knocking in 98 RBIs. His X-factor has been following the Rickey Henderson playbook of stealing bases to create runs, with a league-leading 66 steals. He has also been able to walk quite a lot in 2023 while limiting the strikeout with both 78 walks and strikeouts on the season.

However, Acuña doesn't just bring his skills to each game, he also brings his enthusiasm and ability to make the whole team have fun. When people are having fun, they are more productive, and this season the Braves have been having a lot of fun. After all, winning 96 games is a good time.

If Ronald Acuña Jr. isn't healthy for the postseason, they probably won't make such a giant run that most people expect them to. With their positioning in the standings, the Braves should be doing everything possible to ensure that Acuña is at 100% when the playoffs begin.