Braves: Alex Anthopoulos plan for Eddie Rosario replacement will make fans cringe

The Atlanta Braves could very well go into the season with a surprise left fielder after letting Eddie Rosario walk this offseason.

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In Alex Anthopoulos we trust, right? Right?

Anthopoulos always has a vision for the Atlanta Braves offseason. When speaking to David O'Brien of The Athletic this weekend, AA essentially stated that Braves run a tight ship, meaning any rumors -- such as reported trades or contract offers for the likes of Aaron Nola -- may not be the reality.

However, one concept that caught the eyes of Braves fans was the team's long-term plan at left field. While Atlanta could very well still add someone at the corner outfield spot this offseason, Anthopoulos doesn't view it as a necessity, suggesting that Vaughn Grissom could play the position, with Forrest Wall providing depth.

Will the Braves replace Eddie Rosario with Vaughn Grissom?

If this sounds familiar, that's because a Grissom position change was floated last year. Dansby Swanson signed with the Chicago Cubs, and Grissom trained with now-Angels manager Ron Washington in an attempt to move from second base to a full-time shortstop. In the end, that wasn't necessary, as Orlando Arcia proved to be the better option.

Atlanta has long tried to find a full-time spot for Grissom, whose bat alone makes him a viable option in the lineup. However, his defense is a liability anywhere but second base, which is where Ozzie Albies currently plays.

Assuming Grissom can make this transition -- which is a rather large assumption -- then the Braves could save some money and spend it on a starting pitcher. However, this strikes me as a smokescreen more than anything else.

Eddie Rosario supplied some power against right-handed pitchers, but also struggled defensively at times. He was a liability against lefties, and ultimately Anthopoulos did not believe he was worth the price of his $9 million team option.

At the very least I would expect the Braves to bring in a veteran outfielder to compete with Grissom in spring training. Wall is an afterthought at this point.

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