4 big splashes the Braves can make after Alex Anthopoulos sheds salary

The Braves will look to fortify their roster even further ahead of the 2024 season after shedding some salary at the non-tender deadline.

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2) The Braves can trade for Corbin Burnes after Alex Anthopoulos sheds salary

The biggest pitching signing Atlanta can make would be signing Yamamoto. The biggest trade they can make would be one that'd land them Corbin Burnes. With the Brewers considering dangling the right-hander on the trade block, this offseason could be the time to strike.

Acquiring Burnes would be Atlanta going as all-in as they can possibly be on 2024. They'd have to part with the few quality prospects they have left in exchange for Burnes, a pitcher who is obviously elite, but is also on an expiring contract.

With Burnes and Max Fried both entering free agency after the 2024 season it's probably unlikely Atlanta strongly pursues a deal like this, but if we're talking splashes, it can't get much bigger. A trio of Strider, Fried, and Burnes would be historically good. Three consistent Cy Young candidates on the same staff. Just remarkable.

The Braves are known to make trades and then immediately extend the player they receive in the deal to team-friendly deals. They've done so in each of the last two offseasons with Matt Olson and Sean Murphy. Could Burnes be next? Probably not, but doubting Anthopoulos now after everything he's done would be foolish.