3 Braves on the September roster who don't deserve to play this postseason

The Atlanta Braves September roster is out, but not all of those players should make the postseason 26-man roster in a month.

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Braves who won't make the postseason roster: Forrest Wall

Forrest Wall's role on this Braves team is pretty clearly as a pinch runner. While there is value in what he brings to the table, Atlanta has plenty of speed on the basepaths already. It would be a puzzling move by Brian Snitker and Co. to keep Wall on the roster more than a few weeks, especially when they have better all-around players hitting well in the minors. Vaughn Grissom, for one, comes to mind.

Wall let his personality shine in his first MLB cameo, suggesting a new nickname and catchphrase for himself. You may recognize it, per FanSided's Marci Rubin.

His first day in MLB, Wall showed his personality while speaking with the media, pointing out something that all of us were thinking. “Speed’s my game. Good thing I’m fast, ’cause I’m named Forrest,” he said with a grin, referencing the iconic line: “Run, Forrest! Run!” from Forrest Gump. “That’d be cool if that stuck,” he added.

The Braves signed Wall to a minor-league deal last season. At 27 years old, he's surprised many within Atlanta's system and hit well enough to warrant a big-league call up. Wall's best attribute will always be his speed, and while it's not enough to guarantee a postseason roster spot, it's the reason why he's even in the conversation to begin with.