Braves rumors: Alex Anthopoulos' worrisome reaction, Vaughn Grissom's future, huge return in 2024

Here are the latest batch of Atlanta Braves rumors heading into the early stages of their offseason.

Alex Anthopoulos, Atlanta Braves
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Atlanta Braves: Alex Anthopoulos' comments are a little bit worrisome

In the wake of a postseason gone awry, Anthopoulos met with the media and discussed the early part of the Braves' offseason plans. In his conversation with David O'Brien of The Athletic, he didn't really have any concrete answers for what went wrong in October, other than he's looking at it. That is fine because there is no simple answer and these things do take time. However, there are some concerns.

The big one that stood out to me was Anthopoulos not saying he will go get a veteran ace pitcher. He may not have tried to put labels on it, but they need a front-end guy, especially if Charlie Morton calls it a career. He did not say that Morton was an ace when he came over in 2020 from the Tampa Bay Rays, but he did pitch in big games for the Braves the following postseason. Chuck shoved in 2021.

The other cause for concern is these assurances that there is nothing wrong. Is that true? While I am okay with Brian Snitker managing the club for the next two years before he probably retires, the last two NLDS have not been anything to write home about. To me, immediately dismissing something is what led to the downtick of the Team of the '90s era. The Braves Way had gotten so incredibly stale.

I trust Anthopoulos to make the right baseball decisions, but he built a winner that did not win it all.

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