Braves Rumors: Blockbuster trade idea, Ron Washington latest, Pirates target

  • Could the Atlanta Braves trade for Randy Arozarena?
  • Why Ron Washington makes sense for the Houston Astros.
  • Mitch Keller trade idea proposed by Bleacher Report.

Atlanta Braves v Tampa Bay Rays
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A blockbuster Braves-Rays trade idea

While starting pitching and the bullpen are the Braves primary areas for improvement this offseason, you can safely add corner outfield to that list as well. Eddie Rosario only ha a club option for 2024 left on his deal, while Kevin Pillar's future is up in the air as well. Could Alex Anthopoulos search for a more permanent solution?

Sports Illustrated's Lindsay Crosby recently floated Randy Arozarena as a possibility. It should be noted that there is little chatter stating the Rays would be willing to trade their star outfielder, but if they were, the timing makes sense. Randy is about to enter arbitration, and the Rays are a small-market team. If another team -- say Atlanta -- were willing to fork over some of their top young players and foot the bill for Arozarena's arbitration years, what's not to love?

"All told, Tampa Bay has sixteen players eligible for arbitration this winter, and going off of theMLB Trade Rumors arbitration projections, retaining all 16 of them would cost over $45M," Crosby wrote. "Tampa Bay's total salary last year was $79M, but their projected payroll would break $130M with all of those players being retained."

It's a bit out there, but if the Rays are in the business of saving money and remaining competitive this offseason, trading one of Arozarena or even Tyler Glasnow makes some sense.