Braves Rumors: Darius Vines longevity, Kyle Wright struggles, Donaldson competition

Atlanta Braves Rumors: Just how long can Darius Vines stay in the majors? Kyle Wright struggles in latest rehab start. Signing Josh Donaldson isn't an option.
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Josh Donaldson, Braves rumors
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Braves Rumors: Atlanta could reunite with Yankees reject Josh Donaldson

After the Yankees released infielder Josh Donaldson earlier this week, should the Braves look to reunite with a former MVP candidate?

Donaldson in 2023 is nowhere near Donaldson in 2019. Four years ago, when Donaldson inked a one-year deal with Atlanta, he slashed .259/.379/.521 with 37 home runs and 94 RBIs. This year, the 2015 AL MVP saw his time with the Yankees get cut short due to a litany of injuries and downright bad performancesat the plate.

Several years removed from his last decent season, Donaldson doesn't stick out as a particularly necessary pick-up for Atlanta. He would be cheap, as any team that signs him after 1 p.m. ET tomorrow will only have to pay the vet minimum salary for him, a prorated $720,000.

The Braves can absolutely afford that. Should they take the plunge?

Stashing a washed-up 37-year-old infielder just doesn't feel like the move of a serious World Series-contending team. With Austin Riley and Matt Olson looking in great shape, a player like Donaldson seems like unnecessary luggage the Braves would have to carry around in the playoffs.

Donaldson probably doesn't regret following the money in 2020 when he signed with the Twins, and the Braves won't regret passing on an old friend, either.

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