Braves Rumors: Game 3 mystery starter, Arcia mistake, not scared of Philly

  • Braves won't release Game 3 starter
  • Orlando Arcia makes bold choice to mock Bryce Harper
  • Braves not scared of Philly home field advantage

Orlando Arcia, Atlanta Braves
Orlando Arcia, Atlanta Braves / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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Braves Rumors: Orlando Arcia makes bold decision to poke the bear

The Braves won Game 2 after Bryce Harper got caught in no-man's land following a miraculous catch at the right-centerfield wall by Michael Harris. Harper had already rounded second when he realized he needed to tag back at first. One impressive Austin Riley scoop-and-throw later, Harper was out and the game was over on a double play.

It's only natural for the Braves to be excited by this outcome. A loss would have essentially ended their season; a win keeps the door wide open for another Atlanta World Series run. There is a fine line between celebrating a victory and handing over free ammunition to the opponent, however. Orlando Arcia may have crossed that line.

After the game, Arcia was quoted as saying "ha ha, atta-boy Harper" in the locker room. That is both the funniest sports quote in recent memory and free motivation for Harper and a Phillies team with a well-documented underdog complex. Philadelphia feeds on being counted out and that fanbase gets riled up at the slightest hint of disrespect.

It's safe to say disrespect has been hinted.

Bryce Harper is nothing if not clutch. He has made countless major plays on the biggest stages — some of them against the Braves. So, maybe Arcia should have kept those comments further away from microphones and the prying ears of reporters. You know damn well Harper, who listens to Philly sports radio on his drive to the ballpark, will hear those comments and feel a certain way about them.