Braves Rumors: Soroka says goodbye, Reynaldo Lopez risk, Sonny Gray buzz

Michael Soroka says goodbye to Braves fans. Alex Anthopoulos takes a risk on Reynaldo Lopez. Sonny Gray is still in the cards.

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Michael Soroka says goodbye to Braves fans after he was traded

There was a brief time in 2019 when Michael Soroka looked like one of the premiere pitchers in the National League. Not only was Soroka considered the future of the Atlanta Braves rotation, but of the entire league as well.

Then, the injuries hit. Soroka missed the better part of two seasons with various ailments and has struggled to get back on the mound ever since. In 2023, he looked the part in Gwinnett, and even put together some decent appearances in the ATL. However, it remains clear that Soroka is not the All-Star caliber pitcher he once was, plus he's caught the injury bug. What's to keep it from coming back?

Soroka was traded to the Chicago White Sox as part of the package for relief pitcher Aaron Bummer. It's a win-win for both sides, as Soroka should get a chance to start right away on the south side of Chicago. The White Sox are without much talent in their rotation beyond Dylan Cease, who could also be traded away this winter.

The Braves, meanwhile, got the bullpen help Alex Anthopoulos has coveted entering the offseason. Bummer had a down 2023, but at his best he's one of the better late-inning relievers in the sport. The smart money is on Bummer reviving his career in Atlanta, just as so many have done before him.

Soroka wished Braves fans farewell after he was dealt to Chicago. Perhaps the most telling statement was how Soroka "wish(es) so badly he could have been out there more these last three years. Thank you to everyone who believed in me, and continues to believe in me to learn and fight through the difficulties that this game brings."

Soroka's name will always be associated with a huge 'what if' in the A, and it's tough to blame fans for feeling that way.