Braves ace Spencer Strider has the worst of all sports hot takes

There are some terrible sports hot takes, and then there's Braves' Spencer Strider's hot take. Read it and be outraged.

Spencer Strider, Atlanta Braves
Spencer Strider, Atlanta Braves / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

The NFL offseason gave us the nasty hot take of mayo in coffee, but Braves ace Spencer Strider's controversial opinion puts Will Levis to shame.

On Wednesday, Strider may have made himself into the most unlikable player in Atlanta when he said that there should be no fans at baseball games.

Strider said in an interview, "Get rid of the fans, it's too loud. It's too loud, everybody be quiet. We don't need the cheering, we know you're watching. I don't need the fans."

With the Braves set for a deep postseason run in 2023, Strider is just asking to get booed and heckled by opposing fans. He tried to walk back his comments by saying that fans seated in the outfield were fine, but he remained stubborn in his belief that no fans should be near the dugouts.

Does he know these supposedly distracting fans generate oodles of revenue for his club and in turn pay his salary? Strider's hot take isn't just hot, it's downright unrealistic.

Braves' Spencer Strider isn't a fan of the fans

Strider was apparently a big fan of the COVID-19 era of baseball when teams played with zero fans in the stadium. Suffice to say, Strider is most likely alone on an island with this incredibly lame take.

Braves fans may turn up their noses at Strider's unpopular two cents, but they have to appreciate his league-leading numbers as one of the franchise's most reliable aces.

The 24-year-old Strider just notched his 19th win on Sunday night when the Braves took down the Nationals for their 100th victory of the season. In 2023, the righty has racked up 274 strikeouts for an average of 13.6 strikeouts per nine innings. The All Star's 3.81 ERA makes him a far-off Cy Young contender but he's served as an undeniable stud in the pitching rotation and will help take Atlanta far in October.

When the Braves face their first playoff opponent in packed away stadiums, Strider had better prepare for what's coming for him.

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