Brewers closer sets up for third day of tense relations with Mets with send-off gesture toward dugout

The Milwaukee Brewers/New York Mets rivalry is one almost no one saw coming.

Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets
Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets / Christopher Pasatieri/GettyImages

Really, looking at the opening weekend schedule for MLB, who would have thought that the Milwaukee Brewers/New York Mets series would be the one with most of the drama? Yet, because of carryover bad blood from Rhys Hoskins's time with the Philadelphia Phillies, that's the way it went.

Hoskins slid into second and Jeff McNeil of the Mets perceived it as a dirty slide. Benches cleared and words were had. The next day, Saturday, the Mets threw behind Hoskins at the plate and an ejection was served. And, oh yeah, we've got a third game in this series coming on Sunday.

Mets and Brewers fans had to wait a day due to rain for the action to get going, but once it did, fireworks were lit inside a closed dumpster.

Brewers closer sends Mets off with gesture to lead into third day of tensity

After finishing off the bottom of the ninth, Abner Uribe turned to the Mets dugout and gave them a "shush" gesture. After silencing their bats before they had enough time to muster out a comeback, he is suggesting they silence their voices, too. Surely, that being the last thing the Mets see before heading home to stomach an 0-2 start to the season should have them thinking about how to come back punching (either metaphorically or literally?) on Sunday...

Uribe gave up a hit and an earned run and wound up logging the save. He threw 18 pitches, 13 of them strikes.

The Mets have been vocal about how they perceive Hosksins and his slide. Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil both claim it to be a pattern from him. Hoskins, similarly, has made his stance clear, gesturing a "crying" motion with his hands to the Mets as to say, "quit crying."

Both sides are saying much, much more, but I'll leave the NSFW (language) lip readings to the experts like Jomboy.