Brian Snitker sticks to his guns with Matt Olson in Braves lineup

The rest of the baseball world does not seem to understand why Matt Olson is still in the lineup.
Matt Olson, Atlanta Braves
Matt Olson, Atlanta Braves / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

If there is one thing I know about how Brian Snitker manages a game for the Atlanta Braves, it is that he will try to play all of his star players as often as possible. Injuries are a part of the game. Atlanta lost Spencer Strider for the year to a UCL injury. Ozzie Albies is just now back from a broken bone in his foot. Sean Murphy has not played for the Braves since straining his oblique back on Opening Day.

So even if Matt Olson, Austin Riley or whoever is struggling at the plate, the only way Snitker and general manager Alex Anthopoulos are not pencilling their names into the starting lineup is if they are too hurt to play. Atlanta does not really have a backup first or third baseman, as most of their infield depth is at shortstop and second base. This is all part of the plan to help the Braves win on the reg.

Right now, Olson is struggling mightily at the plate. At times, it has effected his play at first base. While he may not hit for an extremely high batting average, Olson has been a shell of himself at the plate in the first month of the season. This is coming off his greatest year as a professional ballplayer, one where he set Braves franchise records for home runs and runs batted in during the regular season.

Even if people want to see Olson ride pine for a bit, good luck ever trying to convince Snitker to do it.

There will be a time where Olson will carry the Atlanta offense; we just don't know when it will come.

Brian Snitker keeps starting Matt Olson, even though he is struggling

This is different than Marcell Ozuna struggling at the plate for the better part of two years since his first season with the Braves in 2020. He was a designated hitter hitting below The Mendoza Line. His defense was not exceptional, enough to the point where Anthopoulos constantly looked to upgrade left field, just so that Ozuna would never be out there. Well, Ozuna has been on a tear for a year now.

This is why players love playing for Snitker. He believes in his guys. He does not try to meddle when meddling is all the rage in the wonderful world of baseball analytics. Snitker knows that his team can get to heights maybe only one of two other teams in baseball can when the club is firing on all cylinders. We are talking about benching a top-five MVP candidate from a year ago. Give me a break!

Overall, you just have to play the long game with baseball and hope that the odds are in your favor. Olson may not nit above .250 this season, but I sincerely doubt he is going to be hovering around The Mendoza Line throughout the entirety of this season. All it takes is one good swing to change the entire game. All Ozuna had to do was take a pitch to right field in May of last season down in Miami.

In time, Olson will get his groove back at the plate, but in the meantime, enjoy the many strikeouts.

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