3 head coaches the Broncos could have hired instead of Sean Payton

The Denver Broncos are not getting any better, and Sean Payton may not have been the answer after all for Broncos Country. Here are three coaches who would have been better hires over him.

Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears
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2. Unlike the Denver Broncos, Jim Harbaugh refuses to lose at head coach

This could have gone to hell in a hand basket too, but I absolutely would have loved to see Jim Harbaugh roaming the NFL sidelines in Denver this season. I mean, his departure from his alma mater of Michigan would have made the College Football Playoff-contending Wolverines worse and better for my beloved Georgia Bulldogs, but that is not the point. What is is he straight up refuses to lose!

Harbaugh's competitive spirit can get the best, and worst, of him from time to time. What the Broncos have not been since winning Super Bowl 50 is competitive. The offense has been mediocre at best, whereas the defense comes and goes, particularly on how well the offense plays. It is a rough culture, or lack thereof, in place in The Mile High City. Harbaugh would have implemented one about the work.

Overall, we are simply running out of time for Screech's much older cousin getting back into the NFL as a head coach. He had a strong connection with Denver during the interview process. Harbaugh also could have conceivably gotten the Indianapolis Colts gig over former Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Steichen. Keep in mind that Harbaugh is in the Colts' Ring of Honor.

Hiring Harbaugh may have been tumultuous, but he would have made the Broncos more competitive.