Broncos apparently had no choice but to take Bo Nix with another suitor looming

It was No. 12 or not at all.
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The Denver Broncos shocked the NFL world by selecting Bo Nix out of Oregon with the No. 12 pick in the first round. Nix was seen by many as a player who might get selected in the back end of the first round if not a later round. Nobody could've predicted this.

Selecting Nix made sense for a Broncos team that just went through the Russell Wilson debacle. He's the guy they identified to be their future under center. The reason that the pick was bashed by many wasn't because of the player as much as it was where he was selected. Nix is a fine prospect, but he was taken 12th overall. It looked like a major reach.

It turns out, those who bashed the Broncos for reaching might have to eat their words. While it can still be considered a reach, the Broncos had to take him when they did according to NFL Insider Chad Reuter.

Broncos had no choice but to take Bo Nix when they did with another suitor looming

If Bo Nix was their guy, it was No. 12 or not at all. That's what this came down to. Even if it is considered a reach, the Broncos got their guy.

"No, here's the thing. Teams don't move down and pick a quarterback. It doesn't happen. It's very rare that it happens. They're moving up to get a quarterback or they stay put. If they fall back— a lot of people are like, 'Oh, yeah, they can trade back to 22 with Philadelphia. No, the Rams were taking Nix at 19. Absolutely. If he's available. So, no, that was not going to happen. It doesn't happen and it wasn't going to happen. You either take—if you believe in him, you take him. You don't screw around,"

While it would've been nice for Denver to get some additional draft capital and take Nix with a pick like No. 22 overall, it sounds like that just wasn't going to happen. The Los Angeles Rams were lurking and were going to take him at No. 19. They might've even traded up had Nix slid past Denver. Who knows?

The Rams make a lot of sense as a potential Nix destination as he could sit and learn behind Matthew Stafford and prepare to take over for him in a couple of years when he's either retired or his contract is off the books.

What should really be noted with what Reuter had to say was the end of the quote. If you believe in a quarterback, you take him. This isn't a lineman or a receiver. This is a quarterback. If Bo Nix is a franchise guy, nobody will care if Denver could've gotten a couple more draft picks.

Teams need to be aggressive when it comes to drafting quarterbacks with how important the position is. The Falcons were with their guy, Michael Penix Jr., and the Broncos were with Nix. It's on Nix and Sean Payton now to validate the selection.