Browns bring in obvious Ohio State legend amid all-in push

Celebrating Mike Vrabel joining the Cleveland Browns staff as a consultant of sorts is perhaps the best way to start your weekend off right if you happen to hail from Northeast Ohio like Vrabel does.

Mike Vrabel
Mike Vrabel / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The prodigal son of blessed Ohio has returned to the motherland. That's right! Mike Vrabel now works for the Cleveland Browns. While he is best known for his playing days at Ohio State in college, the New England Patriots professionally and his great run leading the Tennessee Titans as their former head coach, Vrabel is back home. This Akron native will do more for Cleveland than LeBron James.

Okay, maybe not really, but you catch my drift, right? The idea of adding a guy who should still be an active NFL head coach to your organization as a coaching and personnel consultant is so huge for a team like the Browns. This is a team that if it gets even slightly decent quarterback play out of either Deshaun Watson or Jameis Winston could win the AFC North and contend in its deep conference.

Vrabel is one-of-one as a coach. He is all brawn, but with brains. With the machismo of a WWE wrestler, but the mind of a scientist, we are talking about Bruce Banner in human form, baby! While I don't expect him to hulk out of his meat sleeves on the Cleveland sidelines living his best double horseshoe life, the man is coursing Ohio energy through this veins unlike anything we have ever seen.

The Titans should not have fired him, so look for Vrabel to give Kevin Stefanski's staff a huge boost.

The only thing that can be more Ohio than this is A.J. Hawk leading the Cincinnati Bengals to victory.

Mike Vrabel to join Cleveland Browns as a coaching, personnel consultant

This is only a temporary role for Vrabel. Anybody with a pulse or any knowledge of football knows he is going to be leading his own team next year. Whether that is in the NFL, or at the college level, remains to be seen. Vrabel could be in play to take over at places like the Dallas Cowboys or the New Orleans Saints next year in the NFL. His alma mater may open up if Ryan Day loses to Michigan again.

All the while, this move is about getting incrementally better. We know that the Baltimore Ravens are a well-run operation. While it remains to be seen if the Bengals have any real staying power near the top of the division, they still employ Joe Burrow, and that's really all that matters. As far as the Pittsburgh Steelers are concerned, it is becoming more of a Team 3 clown show by the second. Here. We. Go...

Overall, it was only a matter of time before Vrabel resurfaced. My thought was he would take an analyst job on his best buddy Luke Fickell's staff at Wisconsin. Again, he could be a great candidate to replace Day in Columbus if he were to fail. However, do you really want to be in the same coaches meetings with Chip Kelly going on and on and on and on about how important hydration is to him?

Cleveland, it is time to crack open a cold one and enjoy the one year Vrabel is back in your lives.

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