Browns hold in-game tryouts for kicker as Joe Flacco has to save the day again

The Cleveland Browns were up against it with no kicker.

Chicago Bears v Cleveland Browns
Chicago Bears v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

The Cleveland Browns, midway through the Week 16 game on Christmas Eve, had to hold in-game, sideline tryouts with emergency place-kick options.

While the Browns went on the search for an emergency substitution, Joe Flacco and the Browns were forced to go for it on fourth-and-five from the 30 yard line.

The pocket collapsed on Flacco and he was forced to chuck it up to avoid a sack, but great awareness from Amari Cooper had him come back on his route to catch the throwaway right at the sideline, earning the Browns a first down.

The completion was the sixth-most improbable of any NFL completion this entire season, according to Next Gen Stats, and it extended a drive that ended with another touchdown for the Browns to extend their lead to 29.

What happened to the Cleveland Browns kicker?

Cleveland Browns kicker Dustin Hopkins injured his hamstring on a kickoff midway through the game. With no other official kicker on the roster, the Browns were without a kicker for the remainder of the game as Hopkins remained unable to go.

If Hopkins' injury is serious, the Browns will be in the market to work out and sign a new kicker.

Who is the Browns backup kicker?

The Browns do not roster a backup kicker. Corey Bojorquez is the team's punter and has been doing the after-touchdown kickoffs in Hopkins' absence, but in the fourth quarter, D'Anthony Bell kicked off. It was not good.

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