Bulls fans take lowest of roads booing Jerry Krause's wife to tears at ROH ceremony

In a moment that should have been all about celebrating the team's successful past, Bulls fans took the low road.

Jerry Krause
Jerry Krause / Brian Bahr/GettyImages

The Chicago Bulls were set to reveal their Ring of Honor at Friday's game against the Golden State Warriors. The evening was supposed to be a perfect time to look back on the dominant Bulls dynasty of the 1990s that won six titles, two separate threepeats.

Greats from those winning teams traveled from great distances to make appearances and give the crowd a chance to remember the good times in the midst of yet another losing season.

Luc Longley came all the way from Australia. Others in attendance were Phil Jackson, Bob Love, Toni Kukoc and Ron Harper, and Steve Kerr was there as the coach of the Warriors as well. Dennis Rodman wanted to be there, but said weather stopped him in an emotional video. Michael Jordan also recorded a video but could not make it, saying he was, "bummed," he couldn't get there.

A night full of positivity? Unfortunately, no.

Bulls fans boo Jerry Krause's wife and deserve to never eat dessert again because of it

Most of us in civilized society are taught one key tenet growing up: Respect your elders. Instead, Bulls fans, when Thelma Krause was announced, representing her late husband Jerry Krause, fans booed her. She appeared to be brought to tears.

As the game came back from halftime, Bulls commentator on NBC Sports called it, "the worst thing I've ever seen in my life."

"That's not Chicago," he said.

Krause garnered a hated reputation because he was often at odds with Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan. He has historically been painted as envious of the two for receiving the lion's share of the credit for the team's titles, believing he was the one pulling the strings and architecting the team.

Even if fans are soured on Krause, the Ring of Honor ceremony is by no means the night to take those frustations out. It's a night to remember and honor those banners and everyone in the organization who helped bring them, Krause included.

And most of all, it's by no means a reason to take things out on Thelma, who had nothing to do at all with any of it.

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