BYU gets welcomed to Big 12 with massive Kansas hit, scoop-and-score

BYU had its welcome to the Big 12 moment when Kansas decided to bring the lumber on this huge hit, resulting in a scoop-and-score for the Jayhawks. This poor guy got turned into Rock Chalk...

Kalani Sitake, BYU Cougars
Kalani Sitake, BYU Cougars / Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Although Lance Leipold certainly has Kansas football in a fantastic place these days, very rarely do you see the Jayhawks provide some program with their welcome to the Big 12 moment.

BYU, who had long been a national independent in football, joined the Big 12 this offseason, along with Cincinnati, Houston and UCF. While the Bearcats, the other Cougars and the Knights will surely experience growing pains leveling up to some extent from the Group of Five, BYU is getting all it can handle in its Power Five debut vs. Kansas. Just check out this big hit. Holy Kalani Sitake mushrooms!

Kansas cornerback Cobee Bryant used his Mamba Mentality to pull off this scoop-and-score for KU.

For those who say the Big 12 is a pillow fight football league, I present to you the preceding video!

Kansas provides BYU with its welcome to the Big 12 moment on huge hit

Although Kansas could have potentially left for the Big Ten for basketball reasons, the Jayhawks seem to enjoy being one of the Grateful Eight staying in the Big 12. While we all know what KU can do on the hardwood, they can do more than shoot hoops, possibly being ambiturners capable of going left. As for BYU, well, they now play in a league where they can win their first national title since 1984.

I think what this play illustrates is just how fun the new Big 12 will be once Oklahoma and Texas leave and the Four Corner Universities replace them. It will be a hoot and a half alright, with 16 teams from all over the country competing for multiple College Football Playoff spots. In some years, BYU can certainly be good enough to compete for one of the two to three bids the Big 12 may be capable of.

Overall, this is why Brett Yormark added BYU to the league back in July. BYU vs. Kansas would not normally otherwise move the needle, but it provides us with new interesting wrinkles and flavors we probably would never experience on the college football field. The Big 12 needed a facelift after news of Oklahoma and Texas' impeding SEC exodus. At the very least, we have got a decent solution here.

So when you get Rock Chalked by some Jayhawk DB, you know you are having a bad time, bruh...

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